TheHunter - Call of the Wild

Yarrid henrard european bison tank

European Bison

Yarrid henrard wild boars on the move

Wild Boar

Yarrid henrard fallow deer foliage

Fallow Deer

Yarrid henrard red deers wandering

Red Deer

Yarrid henrard red fox sunset

Red Fox

Yarrid henrard roe deer female

Roe Deer

Yarrid henrard whitetail buck

Whitetail Deer

Yarrid henrard blacktail deer

Blacktail Deer

Yarrid henrard coyote field


Yarrid henrard black bears

Black Bear

Yarrid henrard moose couple


Yarrid henrard roosevelt elk morning mist

Roosevelt Elk

theHunter: Call of the Wild Trailer

theHunter: Call of the Wild - Layton Lake District Trailer

Yarrid henrard eth 01


Some of the animals and human faces I had the pleasure working on at Avalanche Studios for theHunter: call of the Wild.

On the project I was responsible for:
- modelling both high and low poly with uv's
- creating different texture variations with unique fur patterns
- creating multiple antler variations to be spawned randomly
- creation of different maps to drive our in-house fur shader
- setting up entities & tweaking everything for the engine
- different ethnicity variations for both male & female
- creating multiple outfit variations

Big kudos to the team on working passionately to make this game into a wonderful experience, to Daniel Ljunggren for being an amazing art director and to Simone Corso & Frederik Sjölund.

Big thanks to Peter Johansson & Johanna Schramm for the great in-game screenshots.

-theHunter: Call of the Wild Copyright 2017 Avalanche Studios-