Yarrid Henrard
Character Artist

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep.

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Yarrid Henrard

Character Artist

Welcome to my website! I am an aspiring character artist fresh out of Think Tank Training Centre in Vancouver, Canada. With my demoreel finished, which was mentored by the amazing Pierre Bourgeot, I am looking for an exciting job in the industry and grow further as an artist.

I originate from Belgium where I got my bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Communication-technology. During this study I got trained in different coding techniques while getting tutored in technology and user-patterns. In the last year of my degree I got in touch with 3D. My fascination for this technology made me decide to dig deeper into the wonderful world of 3D-printing for my Thesis which gave life to my project "Aislin". Printed by i.materialise and later on used for testing their new innovative process in High-detail stainless steel 3D-printing. During the process of this project I re-found my lost dreams originating since I got blown away by the amazing cinematics of Warcraft 3 at the age of eleven. This made me follow a course in character creation for games hosted by the man who started me on this journey, Kurt Papstein.

Since then I have been working to be able to go study abroad at Think Tank Training Centre, follow my dreams and start the next chapter of my life.


Digital Sculpting


UV Mapping / Map Baking

Texture Painting



The skills above are a handfull of chosen ones taken from my full skillset that I feel are most common in my workflow. Beside these there are other packages I am able to work with nor do I not fend off learning new programs and skills. If you are interested in my full résume then please refer to the link below.

Take a look at my full Resumé

Right here


If you have any questions for me, related to my work or any other subject then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me throught any of the social links or the contact form provided below. I look forward to hear from you and be of any help.

+32 474 92 17 00